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Gavin O. Lewis has more than 15 years of experience in investment operations and financial advisory services, and holds a master's degree in investment management from Stanford University.

He has led more than 30 group companies to survive the risk period and capital appreciation, and created risk financing to help more investors get profits, and guide the group companies to earn more income through strategic investment.

In 2008, Gavin O. Lewis established a team of experts in the field of investment specializing in studying the potential of stocks, foreign exchange and bonds, and then he founded AEGIS Capital International.

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Introducing Hedging Fund

Hedge fund is a profit-oriented financial fund that integrates financial derivatives such as financial futures and options with organizations.


Hedging Fund Highlights

After decades of evolution, hedge funds have lost their initial connotation of risk hedging, and this has also rendered the name Hedge Fund illusory.


Hedging Fund Comparisons

In a broad sense, hedge fund is also a type of mutual fund, but different from common funds, such as investor qualification, operation and regulation.


Our Corporation

AEGIS Capital International specializes in investment of commodities, foreign exchange, shares and bonds that uses lots of financial derivatives in global operations.

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David W. Evans

Risk Actuary

David W. Evans graduated from Harvard University with a master's degree. He majored in finance, higher mathematics and actuarial science. David then took a career focusing primarily on risk and uncertainty. He explored the complexity, mathematics and mechanisms, which give him a deep understanding of financial security systems.


Anthony E. Clarke

Chief Developer

Anthony E. Clarke graduated with a master's degree in programming and embedded systems from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In 2002, he worked as a project manager and consultant for the software development department of Oracle Technologies in the United States for six years. In 2008, he founded a software development company with several business partners.


Tyler Edward

Quantitative Analyst

Tyler Edward graduated with a master's degree in Quantitative Risk Management from the University of Texas, and achieved excellent grades. This course is rooted in the financial field, which solidifies Edward’s quantitative skills and expertise in econometrics and higher mathematics. The subjects offered tools for analysis and management investment portfolio risks, which are related to all investment funds.

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