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AEGIS Capital International was officially offered to the public in January 2019 in New York

AEGIS Capital International

AEGIS Capital International specializes in investment of commodities, foreign exchange, shares and bonds; it uses lots of financial derivatives and leverage financing to carry out global financial operations.At the same time, AEGIS also attempts to engage in real estate investment to further expand its fund sources..

AEGIS Capital International’s team has accurately predicated several companies and groups with great potential and hence made supernormal profit from the appreciation of these stocks. Even in the bear market when the market declines, AEGIS Capital International is able to make a buttload of money via its exquisite short selling skills, and invest in bond market using its intelligence and inside information.

Meanwhile, AEGIS Capital International also pays attention to the international trends. It is able to obtain international news real quick, and make supernormal profit in investment sector of international foreign exchange by buying at low prices and selling at high prices.

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